SQA Engineer


- To set up and reinforce in a daily basis Quality Tests at Supplier site, with agreed control criteria and exit conditions (using the client existing defect book, and reinforced checklist at Supplier site). To document all parts inspections with duly pictures archived. Parts released are done by SQA, based on Quality Tests report provided by the Sub-Contractor

- To build up, set up and manage a KPI to show: level and type of defects found at Supplier final Inspection / Sub-contractor inspection / Client Receiving Inspection / Tracking per part N# - Batch N#. Ultimate target being to reach “Zero” defect found at Client Receiving Inspection

- To follow up and manage an action plan according to SQP data, in support of SQA Organization

- To ensure Management of the Sourcing Inspections (PSI) according to the client standards (with picture and parts identification)and to ensure adherence to required delivery schedule

_ To set up and manage a be-weekly conference call with SQA and Sourcing Organization

- To provide weekly report giving highlights, blocking points, next steps and Open Item List updates with  KPI’s

- Attendance to the Monthly reviews with the client’s SQA and Sourcing and the Suppliers


- Strong experience in supplier quality management

- Organized, team player, detail oriented, fast leaner, excellent writing and verbal communication skills


Application deadline :
Contact : Kayla Andersen
Region : United States - New York | United States - Illinois - Chicago