ALTEN jobs

In 2013, ALTEN decided to set up a specific team based in Barcelona so as to manage international hires and work on the international mobility.

After two years, the team is still in place, keeps developing this project and has yielded some good results. Over 40 engineers have been taken on and offered a position in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland or in North America.

ALTEN International has created a specific jobsite focusing only one these job offers because we realize that international mobility is a long term process requiring a “custom-made” recruitment and follow up.

In, you will be able to find ALL of the vacancies for which international profiles are required. If you deem these offers relevant and consistent with your career objectives, please feel free to apply directly and be sure that your application will receive a response as soon as possible.

But do not forget that you have to meet the basic requirements (the perfect knowledge of at least 2 languages, your mother tongue and English, and the possession of a Masters degree in technical or business area).