Information Systems

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Customised development of IT systems, for information systems departments in industry, telecoms and the service sector.

Technological challenges and ALTEN added value

Information systems (IS) today support all business processes and are an essential component of operational performance. At the same time, the emergence of web technologies has created new challenges:

  • The development of mobile sites and applications, whether for professionals or the public at large, has galvanised business performance, allowing sales teams to access the company’s IT systems and creating a direct link with the end customer;
  • Information system and network security is a strategic priority – intrusion must be prevented, internal validation processes guaranteed, and the reliability of transactions ensured (sending of orders, electronic payment, etc.);
  • Coming in via different channels (web sites, direct commercial relations, invoicing, social networks, external databases, etc.), customer information is both richer and more complex to consolidate, organise and analyse. The principle behind Big Data is to take from this mass of information the key indicators that go to feed corporate strategy;
  • Migration of data and applications to remote servers (the Cloud) helps Information Systems departments (DSI) to optimise costs, with high impacts on scalable maintenance in particular.

For the Information Systems function, ALTEN supplies expertise to major players in banking, finance and insurance, cross-functionally in all sectors of the industry.

Its organisation, strong positions in several European countries (France, Italy, Spain, Belgium) and high-performing nearshore/offshore platforms (Romania/India) provide the wherewithal to provide consulting services or carry out turnkey projects in the fields of Client Support, software development (.NET, J2EE, PHP), testing (TRA), application maintenance (TMA) and cross-functional Telecoms.


Key Elements

  • Expertise recognised by IT departments in industry, telecoms and the services sector
  • A strong commitment to results in a customer support process
  • Positioning on critical customer projects thanks to readily understandable and controlled product and service supply
  • Know-how clearly capitalised and the ability to carry out turnkey projects



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