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Engineering for product design (terminals or networking equipment) Network architecture, deployment and operation.

Technological challenges and ALTEN added value

The Telecom business is experiencing an unprecedented period of transformation under the triple effect of new entrants into the traditional telecommunications sector (service suppliers such as Google or Apple, MVNO virtual operators, etc.), the explosion of data needs requiring high-speed broadband networks, and the growing need for “smart” communicating grids in all sectors of activity.

The technological issues and comprehensive infrastructure deployment needs are considerable, starting with the implementation of 4th generation (4G) radio networks and equipment. More generally, all the issues related to very high-speed broadband (LTE – Long Term Evolution), interoperability between operator networks, offloading between radio and Wi-Fi networks and the development of new services to cash in on network investments will be key Telecom challenges to be met in the coming years. They are producing engineering requirements in all areas, from the design and testing of products and equipment to the control of network deployment, perimeters where ALTEN is ideally positioned.

Concurrently, the implementation of Telecom technologies in other sectors is speeding up in many areas: Smartgrids type intelligent networks for optimal energy management, “Machine to machine (M2M)” smart objects to collect data and increase efficiency and safety (e.g. telematics and diagnostics in the automotive industry, data links and Maintenance in aeronautics), entertainment and mobile services access in transport (Infotainment, WiFi on-board) etc. ALTEN’s historical positioning on core Telecom business gives it legitimacy and a decisive competitive edge with these growth drivers.


Key Elements

  • More than 2,000 engineers specialising in Telecommunications
  • Covering all industry players: operators, suppliers, service and content providers, user companies.
  • Know-how clearly capitalized and the ability to carry out turnkey projects
  • Strong positions in several countries, France, Spain, Italy, Benelux, Sweden, Germany and the USA.
  • Competitive nearshore (Romania) and offshore (India) development platforms, serving European and North American projects.




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