A combination role of Project Assurance Manager (PAM) & Planner can be utilized within smaller multiple projects or big projects offices.


The mission of the PAM/Planner position in a project will be to secure adherence to the Project Quality Assurance Process and Planning activities to be executed/delivered for their assigned projects by following proven project management principals, in accordance with our Client and as directed by responsible Project Chief Project Manager (CPM).  This also includes aiding the project in meeting defined performance indicators targets of Gate Opening and QDCF.


The PAM/Planner takes an active part in the project management team and has the responsibility to act as the projects internal auditor and serving as the liaison between different levels, functions and stakeholders to ensure a coordinated and anchored project time plan.

The PAM/ Planner role is responsible for:

Project Assurance management:


i.              Establishing and leading the Project Assurance Plan PGT

ii.             Leading Project risk management review, analysis, and follow up of actions

iii.            Ensuring use and documentation of appropriate project assurance processes and tools

iv.           Define, track and lead activities to resolve any process non-conformances in the project

v.            To manage visual gate preparation according to OOBEYA methodology

vi.           Organize gate audits and present the project target status

vii.          Gather and document lessons learned



Project Time plan management:


i.              To create the Project Time Management Plan (schedule level1) in accordance with project objectives

ii.             Main Time Plan aligned on Standard Time Plan with deviation analysis if any

iii.            Anchored with all lines

iv.           Approved level of maturity for schedule level 2, 3 and 4 done by lines, checked consistency with between schedule                                           levels.

v.            To identify the critical path

vi.           To identify project success conditions for time scheduling

vii.          To coordinate project plans with related projects

viii.         To follow-up, update and propose corrective actions when needed

ix.           To develop short time plans to allow a good focus level on project team deliveries

x.            To present status for the time plan in front of gate

xi.           To manage visual planning according to OOBEYA methodology for specific subjects

Responsibilities above reflect a maximum model, in practice the PAM/Planer will work with the CPM of assigned project to determine required responsibilities based upon work required within the assigned project.


The PAM/Planner have the authority to initiate and lead any actions within the project frame (given by decision forum, Steering Committee, CPM) in order to fulfil the responsibilities as described in chapter 3.


The PAM/Planner must interface and coordinate with team members, different lines and stakeholders to ensure that project goals are accomplished within the established project time line as required or directed by responsible CPM.



i.              Engineering / Bachelor of Science




i.              Structured and analytical

ii.             Cross functional working ability

iii.            Delivery and Customer oriented

iv.           Communication and documentation skills

v.            Motivated team player

vi.           English



Practical experience

i.              2-3 years of experience in activities related to product development or manufacturing

ii.             2-3 years of practical functional project management experience




Other basic knowledge:

i.              DVP

ii.             GTT Project Management processes

iii.            PAP/PGT 

iv.           MS project / PTM

v.            Visual management standard (incl. I-Oobeya)

vi.           SCORE

vii.          KOLA

viii.         TIKA

ix.           Project management, PMI certification is an asset



Application deadline :
Contact : Tara DeGraffenreidt
Region : United States - North Carolina - Greensboro