Project Portfolio Manager


Role Description:

Plan, coordinate and follow projects within the project portfolio and prioritize between the portfolio projects when needed. Follow up and report KPI´s and status of the portfolio projects

Work Description:

  • Lead the development work of cross functionally anchored technical solutions from PCI to EG.
  • Responsible for the application of development processes and best practices
  • Represent the vehicle engineering team in the PMT and be accountable for the product QDCF:
  • Lead the product QDCF for VE and the technical deliveries (releases, documentation…). When deviation to the QDCF target, secure action plan with commodities or escalate for decision according to decided governance structure
  • Drive and take part in the definition of product content in close cooperation with the Product Chief Engineer
  • Drive and take part in the development of the requirement specification (incl.E2E functions) to vehicle level.
  • Optimize and consolidate the overall technical development cost and product cost. Secure that it remains in the decided frame and if required, decide the target allocated to a given engineering commodity.
  • Establish and anchor project time plans (level 2, commodity/module/component/function) covering all activities needed to ensure fully verified and validated components, systems and functions.
  • Manage dashboard showing the main engineering deliverables throughout the project.
  • Make recommendations on the technical solution and delivery to appropriate decision making bodies
  • Secure timeline and resource/budget requirements for delivery of the Vehicle Engineering team solution.


Additional Requirements:

  • Teamwork: Building cooperation among individuals and departments, sharing information and resources, and working to achieve group goals and outcomes.
  • Communication: Listening effectively, transmitting information accurately and understandably, and actively seeking feedback non-defensively.
  • Flexibility - Performing a wide range of tasks, responding to changes in direction and priorities, accepting new challenges, responsibilities and assignments.
  • Ownership / Accountability: Taking the lead in getting the job done and accepting responsibility for personal actions, costs and results.
  • Attention to Detail: Monitoring adherence to standards and actively checking for accuracy of data received or generated before passing it on.
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making: Taking a well-ordered approach to solving problems and acting despite obstacles or resistance.
  • Technical/Functional Expertise: Demonstrating in-depth, and up-to date knowledge of pertinent technical, business and professional fields


Application deadline :
Contact : Kaitlyn Martin
Region : United States - North Carolina - Greensboro | United States - North Carolina | United States