UI Devloper


As a UI Developer you will develop front end applications that ensure a performant and delightful experience for biological researchers using advanced analytics of images and manipulating visual modeling of the data. You will also work to verify that your designs meet the specifications you have defined for the applications. Your work will contribute to the advancing research of biology including drug discovery and cancer research. 

Essential Responsibilities: 
• Act as a member of the Software Analytics Team, representing the face of high quality design and development practices 
• You will participate in the UI initiatives for several new modules 
• Develop front-end systems using Javascript MV* frameworks – especially Angular, Backbone, Knockout, and Highcharts 
• Collaborate with system engineers, backend developers, and user experience design teams to implement UI solutions that are aligned with and extend shared platforms and solutions 


• A minimum of 5 years professional front-end development experience 
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related discipline 
• Legal authorization to work in the U.S. is required. 

Desired Characteristics: 
• Demonstrated expertise developing rich, single-page browser applications using Javascript, HTML5, CSS, and GWT 
• Strong understanding of Javascript design patterns and MV* frameworks ( AngularJS, Backbone, KnockoutJS, Highcharts, etc ) 
• Knowledge of effective UI testing frameworks 
• Understanding of UX principles and best practice 
• Solid understanding of the .NET Framework 
• Knowledge of newer ideologies including GIT, Gradle, NoSQL ( Cassandra, Hadoop, MongoDB ) 
• Experience developing in a Java web development shop 
• Demonstrated ability to excel in an Agile development environment 
• Demonstrated experience utilizing CI (Continuous Integration) techniques for UI (i.e. Bower, Grunt, Jasmine, JSCoverage) 
• Experience deploying applications in a Cloud environment 
• Understanding of Big-Data Cloud Scalability


Application deadline :
Contact : Miranda Snyder
Region : United States - Washington - Seattle