Senior Analytics Engineer


Role Summary: 
As a Sr. Analytics Engineer, you will develop Machine Learning workflows and image understanding algorithms that enable automated interpretation and information extraction from cellular images. You will conduct research on real-world commercial applications and translate innovative ideas and algorithms to prototype software and solutions. You will also ensure that the solution is verifiable on real world data. Your work will contribute to the advancing research of biology including drug discovery and cancer research. 

Essential Responsibilities:
• Develop software algorithms and tools using Machine Learning techniques for segmentation, analysis and interpretation of greyscale cellular image data 
• Develop and implement prototypes and solutions and demonstrate applications to real world problems by quick prototyping and validation 
• Leverage your computer vision expertise to invent and implement algorithms for detection and characterization, recognition, structural and semantic understanding, and inference from images and image ensembles 
• Leverage imaging physics to enhance algorithmic performance 
• Employ software libraries, tools, practices to implement efficient, scalable, and reusable solutions 
• Team with image hardware, control system developers to jointly develop solutions 


• M.S Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or related fields with a focus on Computer Vision/Medical Image Analysis using Machine Learning 
• Hands-on ability to create Neural Network models on machine learning platforms such as TensorFlow/Keras 
• Experience with GPU programming in the processing and manipulation of images 
• Demonstrated ability to write Python and C++ code for quick demonstration of ideas as well as robust, efficient, scaled-up software systems 
• Formal characterization of probability and derived techniques including data modeling and evaluation 

Desired Characteristics:
• Ph.D. in a field related to Computer Vision is preferred 
• Deep hands-on experience building computer vision systems involving algorithm development in fields such as image segmentation, registration, tracking, feature extraction, detection, and classification 
• Post-doctoral or industrial experience inventing and developing computer vision or medical image analysis algorithm 
• Contribution to public domain codebases and/or significant github portfolio to demonstrate mastery and impact 
• Create intellectual property by writing invention disclosures and filing patents 


Application deadline :
Contact : Daja Trotter
Region : United States - Washington - Issaquah