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For more than 30 years, ALTEN has consistently grown its business by staying true to the core values that have built the company’s success.

Engineering expertise, customer focus, a proven quality management system and a culture of excellence have made ALTEN the market leader in technology consulting & engineering and a major player in IT services in France and Europe.
We know that the men and women who have built our company’s brand are our greatest asset. ALTEN offers young consultants an enriching first career experience and provides a range of opportunities for more seasoned professionals to gain specialised technology expertise and hone their project and people management skills.

Even our peers recognise that ALTEN is an ideal place for bright engineers to discover hidden talents and fast-track their careers in high technology. Each year, hundreds of ALTEN consultants have the opportunity to step up to challenging technical projects for our clients, consistently creating value on some of their most strategic projects in industry and the services sector.
We are committed to diversity in the workforce, a hands-on style of local management, and a company-wide career management process that actively promotes professional growth and development.

Strategically located in close proximity to many of the largest clients in France and Europe, we offer our employees exceptional opportunities for mobility across sectors, career paths and geographies. And our shared culture of innovation and creativity provides an ideal environment for our staff to achieve their own ambitions and career goals.

    • Intervention on innovative & technological future projects at an international level Each new project is an opportunity to discover an industrial environment or a different sector and thereby to master new technologies and methods. The Group has developed skills identification process to align your wishes with ALTEN’s projects technically, functionally and sectoral.
    • Skills Development Approved training organization, ALTEN Training Center has various training in projects and technical areas, but also safety, quality, foreign languages, personal development and customer relationship.
    • Creating network Technical conferences, agora, business communities, ALTEN allows you to boost your network, both within the company, and among customers.
    • Corporate spirit All consultant engineers and staff can get involved in corporate events & life. Co-optation, schools relations activities, responses to tender, interviews…

At ALTEN, we believe in growing together!


The strength of ALTEN is its top engineers, which is why the Group has made the development of its human capital a priority. ALTEN, who received Top Employer label since 2012, has implemented a policy of dynamic management of human resources facing the diversity of backgrounds and skills development.

ALTEN develops processes to identify skills and expectations so as to ensure that its projects closely match its employees’ desires. The ALTEN HR process is based on three types of interview: an annual assessment, follow-up interviews and career interviews.

This dynamic, cross departmental and transnational career management ensures the constant evolution, both horizontally and vertically, of the group’s employees working in the managerial and technical fields, opening up new prospects for their professional development.
A career path full of opportunities…



Join ALTEN, thus to have the possibility of an exciting and varied career within the ALTEN network: each new project is an opportunity to discover an industrial environment or a different sector, and so to master new technologies and methodologies. This development accelerated skills makes staying on the cutting edge and enhance employability.

All engineering professions are represented in ALTEN projects, more than 170 technical specialities in the fields of electronics, software, mechanics, networks and telecommunications, information systems, life sciences plus transversal skills.

During the last few years, ALTEN has focused on building technical or functional improvement pathways to enable its consultants to evolve according to their potential and expectations.

After developing their technical skills through various projects, ALTEN consultants can evolve to the responsibilities of Project Manager or Specialist. The Specialist pathway allow to go further and then transmit technical and sectoral specialization; the Project Manager sector opens up management and leading perspectives but also teams supervision. ALTEN Technical Department trains and advises Project Managers and Specialists and provides them with a structured set of good practices in terms of process, tools and methodologies consistent with the level of CMMI 3.



Do you want to be a Business Manager?

Among all the opportunities you will find at ALTEN, you can choose to go for a commercial and team management career. A Business Manager should have many qualifications such as great communication skills, going beyond your capabilities, resistant to stress and results oriented. As a main actors of the customers relations and responsible for a team of consultants, Business Manager must demonstrate everyday their managerial and business added value.

The Business Manager is the link between customers, consultants and company management performing, among others, the following tasks:

If you think you meet this requirement, do not hesitate and apply to be part of the success story of ALTEN.

We are all committed!


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